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Rainbow skull.

January 2009

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Let's play a game.

Title: Game (2/?)
Pairings/Characters: Versai/Kiley, Devin
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, language. (PG-13 overall, slash.)
Summary: Versai doesn't always get his way, but he never loses at his own games.
Words: 1,741

All Parts.

A/N: Amanda still owns Kiley, and I still own everyone else.  Still not beta read.

Who's there!?”

Kiley was blinded by a flashlight held in the shaking fist of a man with an exceedingly annoying voice. Kiley made the mistake of throwing his arms up as if the light burned. The man with the exceedingly annoying voice proved to be an idiot as well when he began shouting about vampires. Honestly, who was stupid enough to think that the light of anything but the sun could burn a vampire? That point aside, the flashlight had been dropped and Kiley could see a pair of scrawny hands struggling with a hunting knife. Kiley stepped forward, but before he could wrestle it away, the man had flipped the knife open and was jabbing at the air toward Kiley and warning him. “Back!” he barked. “Back!”

He held the knife out awkwardly and Kiley could tell he had next to no fighting experience. The weapon aside, the man looked like a dork no matter how you looked at him. He was no older than twenty. His face was marred with pock marks and pimples and his stringy, dirty blond hair laid flat on his head in a terrible cut. And his beady eyes bulged as he started shouting ridiculous taunts, “Back you dirty vampire, you aren't getting one bite out of me! I hope you weren't thirsty because is one drink you're not gonna get!” He laughed a dry, humorless laugh that made Kiley want to ring his neck.

Will you shut up, you stupid son of a bitch!” he shouted at last when he'd heard more than his ears could handle. But once again, this action proved to be the wrong choice. The man lunged forward, the knife slashing back and forth in front of him, and he let out a deranged sort of battle cry. Kiley just barely managed to jump out of the way. He didn't notice that he had been cut until afterward. The first thing he felt was a few small drops of blood creeping over his skin and then there came a searing pain running down his forearm. He held his hand over it protectively and cursed under his breath. He was starting to think that he would have preferred a vampire over this crazy idiot.

The man turned around and backed into a corner, the knife held out in front of him. Even the wound he had inflicted didn't seem to have changed his resolve that he was fighting a vampire. Kiley decided to try a different approach. He took a few steps back, both to relax the idiot's paranoia and to be clear of the range of the blade.

Hey, look. I'm not a vampire.” He tried his best to neutralize his voice, and it mostly worked. The other man's eyes grew even wider with suspicion, if that were possible. Kiley lifted his hand and pointed to the cut. “You see this? It would have already healed if I was a vampire.” The man seemed to consider the possibility. “And If I was vampire, you'd be dead by now,” Kiley added as an afterthought while he waited for him to speak.

The man finally spoke up, with halted words, “Okay... Then, who're you if you're not a vampire?” His eyes still looked suspicious.

Kiley hesitated only minutely before answering. “My name is Kiley. I'm actually a hunter of vampires. Well, hunter in training, really. Or I was.” His tone grew sour at the last sentence. He waited even longer for a response than last time.

I'm Devin...”

Okay, Devin, would you mind putting that thing away?” Kiley gestured to the knife. Devin looked down at the knife as if he hadn't realized it was there and Kiley rolled his eyes. After a second, he folded it up and shoved it in his pocket. Kiley closed his eyes and sighed lightly, thinking, Never give a weapon to an idiot. He would have to see if he could convince him to give it up later.

Sorry about...” – he pointed at Kiley's arm – “...that.” Kiley just shrugged. He tore a strip of fabric from the bottom of his shirt and fashioned a crude bandage. He wiped his nose on his shirt and winced. It was so tender. He couldn't tell if it was broken, but he wasn't so concerned with that at the moment. He checked the bandage again, and with his arm as good as it would get for now, he turned his attention to the store they were in. Apart from Devin and himself, the shop was deserted. The lights were all out. He assumed this was an attempt to make it look like no one was home. But if that was so, why wasn't the door locked? Kiley walked over to the door and found the answer to his question. The deadbolt was broken. The break was clean. Only the strength of a vampire could have caused that. Kiley eyed Devin curiously. Maybe he wasn't such an idiot after all.

How did this happen?”

A vampire.” Kiley waited for Devin to say more, but he stayed silent, looking at his feet.

What happened?” Devin looked up reluctantly.

A man came in after it and killed it.” Nope, he was right the first time, the man was an idiot. Once again, Kiley waited for elaboration, but he did not receive any. How much of the story was he going to have to drag out of him?

Where is he now?”

He's gone.” Kiley rolled his eyes. This was getting ridiculous.

Who was he? Did you recognize him?”

No. But he said his name was 'Sevastian.'” Kiley's eyes widened and he inhaled sharply. Sevastian could probably get him out of this nightmare, if he could find him. Versai sure picked the wrong city to dump him in! Kiley smiled, chuckling triumphantly. Devin's eyes followed him dubiously as he turned back to the store's shelves.

What's this? A dollar store?” Kiley asked, with a hint of distaste. Not exactly the shop he would have liked to find himself in, but it would do. After all, it wasn't as if there were vampire hunting specialty shops. He pulled a generic navy blue track jacket off of a rack and tried it on. It fit nicely, so he ripped the tag off and tossed it aside.

Hey, you gotta pay for that, you know?” Devin spoke up behind him. Kiley turned his head incredulously and stared at him. He walked over and pointed at the door.

Have you been out there?” Devin shook his head slowly. “The streets are deserted, and the city is crawling with vampires. Your boss, wherever he is, is probably dead, or else he's fighting for his life, and so are we. Are you seriously trying to tell me that you're still concerned about getting paid?” Devin glanced around, trying to avoid Kiley's eyes. He certainly looked embarrassed. “God I hope Sevastian didn't need anything, he would have just paid you.” Kiley shook his head and then went back to raiding the store.

Do you plan to come with me?” Kiley asked as he looked for more knives.

You're not going out there, are you?” Devin almost seemed to panic. Kiley just looked at him. Wasn't it obvious? “But it's dangerous! Didn't you say that the city is crawling with vampires?”

Yes, in fact I did, but that isn't going to stop me. That man from before. I need to find him. Do you know where he went?” Kiley took four pocket knifes from the wall and stuffed three of them in his pockets.

Um... he went that way.” He pointed down the street and then saw that Kiley wasn't looking and added, “left.” Kiley had broken half of the wooden handle off of a broom and was using the fourth knife to carve a point at one end. “Couldn't you wait until morning? With the sun up, you wouldn't have–“

Look, stay here if you want, but I'm not waiting for dawn. Vampires aren't the only thing I'm running from, and I don't have a lot of time.” Kiley knew he had to find Sevastian before Versai found out about him, or he could kiss his chances of escape goodbye. He brushed a finger over the point of the broom handle; it was satisfactory. He folded the knife and put it in his pocket with the others.

O-okay, fine, I'll go,” Devin said, holding his hands up. Kiley's face fell slightly. He had hoped that the idiot would be too much of a coward to go with him. He found a short length of rope and tied it to the stake he'd made and then slung it over his shoulder. “What else are you running from?” Kiley sighed. He had hoped that Devin wouldn't ask.

A harpy called Versai. He kidnapped me. He's how I ended up here. This is all a game to him.” He was trying out some lighters. Devin stifled a laugh. Kiley turned his head sharply.

Versai...? I've heard of him. Haha, I don't blame you for wanting to get away from that kinky bastard.” Devin started snickering. Kiley flushed lightly, wishing he hadn't mentioned the name. He pocketed a lighter with feathers on it. The feathers were tinted purple and they reminded him of Versai. A smirk graced his lips as he imagined setting the harpy's wings alight.

Have you got lighter fluid, or something flammable in here anywhere?” Kiley asked. Devin fell silent and thought for a moment. He walked down an aisle and Kiley followed him, grabbing two black shoulder bags from a rack they passed. When he caught up to Devin he filled it with lamp oil and rubbing alcohol. He passed the other bag to Devin and told him to pack it with some food and bottled water. Kiley went to find the necklaces and jewelry and picked out two of the largest crosses he could find. On his way back to Devin, he passed by a rack of sunglasses, and then doubled back and tried on a pair that caught his eye. After checking them in a mirror, he tore off the tag and moved on.

Devin was just zipping up the bag when Kiley found him. He handed him the cross. “I thought we weren't waiting for daylight?” Devin asked him, eying the shades.

We're not. I just think they look cool,” he answered with a smirk. “Let's go.”